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Re: Overclocking Q6600

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      12-09-2008, 02:20 PM
Random wrote:

> I've had this processor for a while now, its the one with G0 stepping so
> overclockable. It used to run it fine at v1.40 core voltage at 3.2ghz by
> having a 400 fsb and 8 multiplyer, it passed Prime 95 for 2 hours but I noticed the PSU got very hot, so I decided to
> just run it at stock. It was just a cheap 550w PSU.

My Q6600 G0 didn't like over 333 MHz in two different motherboards that
run my E6400 at 8 x 440. There's a lot of current flowing at a low voltage,
and a substantial voltage drop under load is very common. Frequently, four
sticks of RAM often won't run as fast as two. Also, I have had two sticks of
RAM go bad on me with this setup. Checking your memory with a lowered
multiplier, are we, hmm?

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