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Re: P5Q DL - 1 second pulsing disc LED - any solution?

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      03-31-2010, 01:15 AM
On Wed, 31 Mar 2010 00:53:47 +0100, dave <dave@> wrote:

>(Mobo P5Q DL with XP sp2)
>The disc led on my P5Q DL pulses at about 1 second intervals. I have a
>750Gb seagate sata drive(s) connected. I've done much googling and
>tried to fix this since I had the mobo a few months ago. I just cannot
>stop that damn LED flashing away. (I can hear the disc responding so
>it is actually activating the drive).
>It's not fastfind
>It's not any indexing I can see
>The BIOS is set to IDE enhanced
>Tried different drives - no difference
>Tried different sata ports - no difference
>The problem reduces if I disconnect the sata DVD drive (the pulse rate
>is the same but it is less "intense" - the LED is on for a shorter
>A newsgroups poster told me he has the exactly same mobo and drives
>and no problem with flashing LED
>Perhaps the BIOS corrupt in some way? (Is there a way I can reset the
>BIOS to the original values?)
>Is the mobo faulty perhaps?
>Am just lost for ideas on this one.
>Thanks for any help. have a problem with a blinking drive LED - but no functional issues?

Turn off Autoplay for that drive.

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