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Re: PCI Vista card

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      01-17-2009, 01:53 AM
Dumbo wrote:
> I purchased a video card off eBay before fully reading the details and
> got sold a dud. Guy said it crashed after a few minutes on his PC and
> that a mates ran it for 30-40 mins on his PC before the same happened.
> Thus I took it that it could be a software issue or at worst a cooling
> issue so I purchased it. The rotten thing wont even POST for me.
> Either it sits and does nothing or causes my Striker mobo to beep 1 long
> and three short beeps with a DET DRAM error on the LCD poster.
> I wondered if it could even be a bad BIOS flash (seems there's a lot of
> it about) but I need a PCI card that will boot to Vista #86 and allow me
> to try re-flashing the BIOS. No more harm can be done as it's dead
> already.
> Could someone recommend a very cheap Vista compatible card that will
> allow me to do this?
> Thanks
> Robin

The last time I needed to flash a card, I used an FX5200 PCI
to give a working screen. A check on the Nvidia driver page,
indicates FX5200 is supported by an older Vista driver.

The 6200 is supported by this driver.

For ATI, you've got X1300 or X1550 in PCI versions. See
release notes here. (I don't know if the direct link
to the PDF file, will work for you or not.)

There are plenty of options, and with a little research,
you can get just the degree of OS coverage you want. For
the newest cards (some which appear to have just come out in
PCI versions), expect to only get WinXP and Vista support.
The older cards, such as the ones I've listed above,
may add a couple nore OSes to that. For example, there
is a Win98SE driver for the FX5200.

Probably any modern video card could boot in Vista, as
long as Vista supports 640x480 16 color or whatever the
default video mode is. It would be, when you wanted a
larger dimension to the output, that the driver would
be a requirement.

If your main LCD screen has large dimensions and has
a DVI only input, you may want to review whether the
cards have an issue with that or not. In that regard,
I might trust the ATI cards a slight bit better, to
have good working DVI options. Since my monitor has a
VGA connector, I haven't been able to test the
DVI on my collection of (junk) cards here. With some of
the earliest DVI equipped cards, some of the DVI outputs
are non-compliant, and only work at restricted resolutions.
Cards like that might have had trouble doing 1600x1200 DVI.

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