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Re: Power supplies

Ben Myers
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      10-20-2009, 01:32 PM
HH wrote:
> Gudday all,
> I recently purchased a Compaq CQ5110F desktop. I did so for two
> reasons. First, PC Mag gave it an Editor's Choice tag for entry level
> desktops and two, I have a certain brand loyalty, having worked for
> Compaq tech support for 6 years.
> The unit also seemed to offer a lot for the modest $339 price from New
> Egg. Now the reason for this post. Many have complained on here about
> the crappy Bestec PSs used by compaq, Dell, et al and, I agree. They are
> crap. Lo and behold, when I opened the 5510 case to replace the expected
> Bestec, I find a proper LG power supply!
> Nice surprise. I went ahead and installed a 500-watt Thermaltake PS
> because the Geforce card I wanted to use required a minimum 400 watter.
> The LG was only 300 and a bit skimpy on the 18v rails.
> Alas, my Dell Inspron 530S has a crap 250-watt Bestec in it. Any
> suggestions for a suitable replacement? Ben? Lotta watts not important,
> I just want to get a reliable PS in there before the Bestec fries the MB.

If the Inspiron 530S uses a Bestec with a non-standard form factor, I am
at a loss as to what to recommend. If it had standard dimensions (which
it does not), there would be plenty of choices among Antec, Thermaltake,
PC Power & Cooling, etc. All you can do is measure the physical
dimensions of the power supply and the spacing of the mounting screws
and see if another OEM manufacturer makes one of the same shape and
size. Try PC Power & Cooling. Expensive, but they may already have
seized on a business opportunity here.

The 530S chassis is very cheaply made, far more so than the earlier and
much-maligned Mitac cases used by the Dell Dimension 2400-etc. And also
by HPaq, with different front plastic bezel. (Hard drive mounting trays
swap easily between the two.)... Ben Myers

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