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Re: Re: Help :) Setting AMD 1333 (Long Specs!)

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      08-21-2005, 07:36 PM
Hello again,

I downloaded the manual, Thanks for the links..

Resetting the bios to optimum settings to auto set things won’t work
in my case as per the manual..

"If you have a 133MHz FSB Thunderbird CPU, you need to manually set
the CPU Frequency mode in the BIOS."

However I can manually enter 10x and an CPU Freq of 133 what would I
set dram clock to from the looks of the manual also 133 for a 1:1

That about right?

>how much does you cpu temp go down when you pop the side of the case

After about an hour Idle with the side off the temp dropped 6 degrees
to 43 // 36 the ambient temp in the room about the same as before..

Thanks a Bunch,


Soyo KT333 Dragon Plus!
AMD 1333 Mhz T-Bird
Maxtor 20g 7200RPM HDD
768M DDR Ram
Nvidia TI-4200 64M AGP
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