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      04-26-2008, 08:32 PM
(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> I am looking for the BIOS / CMOS chips
> for the [SoYo] SY-P4I 845PE V1.0 motherboard
> yes -- the old chips are fryed :-(
> (and I like this motherboard and the BIOS it came with
> Thanks!
> Francis N Godfrey
> (E-Mail Removed)

There are two BIOS files. The ".bin" file is 262,144 bytes, which
means it is exactly the size of a 256KB BIOS chip. The ".exe"
file is a ZIP self-extractor, containing a 256KB .bin file and
an Award flasher program.

You can contact and give them the details. For
about $30 or so, they can furnish a new BIOS chip, with either
the 845p2aa2.bin or 845p2aa1.bin BIOS image. You send them a
pointer to the file, but you also have to tell them what kind of
chip you want. It is best, if the chip type exactly matches, because
the BIOS flashing programs will only work with the correct chip
types in usage.

(Motherboard manual)

The chip in the upper left of this picture, could be the BIOS chip.
It must be socketed, to be easily replaced. If the chip is not in a
socket, then buying a new chip and installing it, would require
soldering skills. So your first task, is to verify the chip in
the upper left corner of this picture is in a socket. Then,
record the details written on the top of the chip. It could be,
for example, an SST brand chip of 256KB size. When you put the
new chip in, it has to have exactly the same orientation as the
old chip.

The "dot" on the chip, should align with a "triangle" symbol on
the socket. That aligns pin 1 to pin 1. The chip in this picture
is a 32-PLCC.

You can purchase a PLCC extraction tool, and this is the proper
tool for extracting a chip without damage. Or, you can use a pointed
tool, as shown in the previous picture, being careful to alternate
between diagonal corners when easing the chip out. In this picture,
you can see the two hooked legs of a PLCC extractor. The hooks fit
underneath the corners of the chip, and help you pull it

Good luck,
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