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Re: Spare parts and negative overclocking! ;-)

Ed Medlin
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      05-30-2008, 11:03 AM

"John Whitworth" <> wrote in message
news:483fac2d$0$10647$(E-Mail Removed)...
> "Phil Weldon" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed) m...
>> Keep us posted on your progress.
>> Phil Weldon

> Thanks Phil - a great response. I will keep you updated. I'll need to
> fully digest your response first though.
> Cheers
> JW

Phil's advice will give you 'some' power decrease, but over the course
of a year you probably won't notice a lot as Phil himself pointed out. If it
were me, I would just set up the E6600 and memory at default values and
lower the voltages a notch or two and let it go at that. I used more
'energy' reading Phil's post than I would save in a
year..........:-)........hehehe............. Using one or two very large
HDDs rather than a bunch of small ones will save you more than about
anything to do with the memory or CPU. The newer SATAs are much more
reliable and economic than drives just a year or two ago. I just got a USB2
1TB external for about $200 at the local Best Buy so I would think internals
would be even cheaper (haven't priced them lately). Server 2008 should load
some sort of generic drivers for your card which should do fine since you
won't need a display for much other than setting it up and troubleshooting.
I don't even connect a monitor unless I need to change something or


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