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Re: Supermicro's S2DL3 - Corrupting Files

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      09-08-2003, 08:30 AM
Been there. The problem was solved by switching to a scsi cd-rom
drive. This problem really drove me nuts.
Good Luck.

On 22 Jul 2003 13:21:52 -0700, (E-Mail Removed) (Mark Kaye)

>RE:Supermicro's S2DL3
>I am having problems with the above board and the config below.
>The system appears to randomly corrupt files (CRC erros normally) its
>is very strange, it does not matter which OS I try (Linux won't
>install due to CRC errors), windows 2000 occasionaly installs but get
>errors shortly after, Windows 2003 installs but will get errors , I
>have tried every combination of Hardrives / CDRom's possible, U160
>+Ultra 50 PIN CDROM,IDE HDD IDE CDROM, and combinations in between,
>disabling any un used channels / adapters at every stage.
>I have tried the board running with the PCI bus fixed at 66MHz 64Bit,
>33Mhz 32Bit, and Auto to no avail. Every manner of BIOS settings have
>been tried.
>The issues are v similar to:
>However this guy was not very helpful at supplying a working email
>I would normally look at the HDD's or OS etc for this kind of
>corruption problem but as I have ruled most of this out I am at a loss
>as to what to try.
>Any help would be most appreciated.
>Mark Kaye
>(E-Mail Removed)
>Normal Config:
>Board:S2DL3 Mainboard Latest BIOS Updated (Even BETA tried!)
>CPU:2x733 PIII Xeons 256KB Cache
>RAM:2x 512MB IBM ECC Reged 133 (PC133R-333-542-B2)
>Video:TNT2 Vanta 16MB VGA PCI
>HDD:Fujitsu MAJ3182MP
>Case:Super Micro Full Tower with Super Micro PSU

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