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Re: Toshiba Protege 3110CT - how to input drivers, etc?

Cliff Gieseke
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      06-24-2003, 01:36 AM
Thanks. I'll probably try the flash drive. One of my sons is, I think, just
starting to use these on laptops he buys on e-bay and refurbishes, and I'll
have him try one on our next drive to his place.

-- Cliff

Flik wrote:

> you have plenty of options...
> 1. USB input devices
> -cd-rom.
> -flash drive. some call it pen drive or thumb drive, from 64Mb - 1Gb
> 2. ether net.
> -get a cross cable, then you can do peer to peer file transfer. for
> some, the software configuration may be a little tedious. this is one of
> the cheapest and fasted, in terms of transfer speeds.
> -since you have wireless capabilities, you'll need to check that the
> protocols used in the wireless divices is compatible. e.g. of protocols:
> 802.11b
> try not to use serial or paralle, they take ages fot file transfers.
> > of our 5 computers and doesn't work here. Any ideas?

> as mentioned, check their the protocol, then make sure they are in the same
> workgroup.
> ================================================== ==================
> "Cliff Gieseke" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:CatJa.3158$(E-Mail Removed) ...
> > I have a Toshiba Protege 3110CT that my son found on e-bay. It works

> well,
> > has a good battery and is very light and compact. It has no CD or disk
> > drive. Someone had replaced Windows with Windows 95. There are

> connections
> > for usb, ether net, serial, parrallel. PCI card, etc., and I'm wondering

> if
> > anyone has any good ideas as to how we can input drivers to operate some
> > kind of external storage to transfer data to other computers? We'd hoped
> > that a wireless network card that my son (in another city) was using on

> his
> > home network would work, but it seems to be a slightly different version
> > (same company) of what we have been using successfully at our house for

> two
> > of our 5 computers and doesn't work here. Any ideas?
> >
> > -- Cliff Gieseke
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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