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Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

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      05-16-2009, 10:56 PM
Jim wrote:

> OK first things first I'm not O/C clockingthe machine but wanted to post in
> here as i know you folks know your stuff and I'm hoping some of you can help
> me out.

alt.comp.hardware would be more appropriate, and there's more traffic
there too.

The only noise problems that I have had from my machines is from old
sleeve bearings on fans, which can be solved with a drop of oil under
the sticker, and vibration between parts of the case that loosely lay
against each other, which is usually resolved with a little jiggling
here and there.

One way that I've dealt with computer noise is to build an enclosure out
of acoustic ceiling tile with carpet glued to it. I superglued RV sewage
hose mounts to the back of my case and hooked up hoses to them to
provide an air-flow path out of the enclosure.

It works pretty well, but you have to make sure that those hoses are on
good and that your getting good air-flow.

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