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Re: Variable/Adjustable HSF FANS?? BIOS help

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      10-27-2009, 02:29 PM
Pedro Sanchez IV wrote:
> From: Pedro Sanchez IV <(E-Mail Removed)>
> To:
> Newsgroups:
> alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.gigabyte,alt.comp.perip hs.mainboard.giga-byte
> Subject: Smart Fan BIOS Options. I am lost for the meanings of
> options. Please help me.
> Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 19:06:16 -0400
> Message-ID: <jiace5pf52lj22irllt7fuqu6mj09rnef2@PRIVATE>
> X-Newsreader: CRAZY V6.66
> Motherboard is GIGABYTE 'GA-EP45-UD3P' REV 1.0
> OS is Windows 7 / 64-BIT
> This the information I could gather from the BIOS's Fan Speed
> controls.
> CPU Smart FAN control AUTO
> CPU Fan Mode AUTO
> AUTO -CPU SMART FAN is controlled by BIOS.
> DISABLED --CPU FAN IS always running at highest SPEED!
> CPU FAN MODE Options
> AUTO --no descriptions for setting
> VOLTAGE --no descriptions for setting
> PWM --no descriptions for setting
> Which setting, for both options, are appropriate to be able to
> increase or descrease the RPM of the Fan speed from within Windows?
> My HSF FAN is average set to 1,500 RPM and it is of the most rare
> circumstance that it goes beyond 1500. I want to be able to set it 500
> RPM higher but be able to do it within GUI Windows.
> So, which settings should I choose in the BIOS?
> Then, what software, if any, do I need installed to be able to adjust
> the FAN Speed?
> Thanks for helping and reading my post..
> (((((Attempt #2 Since 10-26))))))

Try this.

Smart Fan Options - Disabled

CPU Fan Mode - this depends on fan type.
For a retail 4 pin Intel fan, it should be PWM.
For an aftermarket 3 pin fan, it should be VOLTAGE mode.

Then, try Speedfan from . (the speedfan download)

You can control the fans with Speedfan. Disabling the control
in the BIOS, means less chance for interference. It might in fact
work, that leaving it enabled in the BIOS, still allows Speedfan
to override it. But if you have problems, you can disable
the setting in the BIOS, to give Speedfan more of a chance to
adjust it.

Best guess,
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