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Benjamin Gawert
Posts: n/a
      05-19-2010, 08:05 AM
Am 18.05.2010 21:57, * Rob:

> I'm an engineer, not a game player, damnit!

So why are you looking at gaming cards then?

> My current machine has a
> humble yet lovable FX5900 agp4x in it and I'm ready to build a new
> workstation based on the WestmereEP 6 core CPUs.

So you do it for a hobby then? I'm also an engineer and I need to use
workstations for a living, and therefore can't afford to use selfmade
systems because most ISVs don't provide any support if you don't run
their software on a certified machine, so I buy HP or Dell workstations.
And especially the HP machines never cost me more what I would have paid
for a similar self-build system but come with 3 years onsite warranty.

> The specs I've read about the consumer oriented nvidia cards (wikipedia)
> show that the vertex and texture generation speeds of the gtx295 are as
> good as (or better than) the new (EXPENSIVE!) 480 cards. Thing is, not a
> single vendor in the US seems to have the 295 anymore. WTF?!

Well, Nvidia probably decided that by removing these cards from the
market the GTX 470/480 series becomes more attractive.

> Someone suggested that the ATI 5870 might be a good alternative but I
> almost exclusively do openGL stuff in Linux and I have heard BAD THINGS
> about linux support for the ATI cards.

I have heard the US president is an alien. That doesn't make it true.

> what I want:
> 1) lots of vertex/pixel computation firepower
> 2) decent texture performance
> 3) efficient support for shared memory x11/xover infrastructure in the
> driver
> 4) hardware support for a VESA level framebuffer driver (for
> compatibility with older CAD/CAM applications)
> Things I couldn't care less about:
> 1) SLI (not enough room in my machine requires too much power)
> 2) fancy antialiasing, shaders, or photo-realism enhancements
> Thoughts?

That's what the Nvidia Quadro and AMD FireGL/FirePro series cards are
for. These are cards which are made and certified for many professional
3D applications. The best thing when choosing a card is to follow the
ISV certification lists.

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