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Re: Warranty after replacement ?

Postman Delivers
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      06-22-2008, 05:54 PM
- Bobb - wrote:

> I was asked to setup email on a new pc for a friend and when I told him
> that it didn't have Outlook on the new PC , that he should return it to
> see if he could get Office installed from factory ( rather than spend $$$
> to now go buy it at a store). He said he couldn't return it. I asked " why
> not". He told me this story. Does this sound right to you ?
> Summary:
> 1. Biz owner bought HP laptop at Best Buy and paid extra for
> upgraded/extended warranty.
> 2. gave to employee.
> 3. After 2 weeks employee says " Pc won't boot".
> 4. Mgr brings back to Best Buy. They try to repair it but after a few days
> they couldn't ( I don't know why) ,so they swapped it for new one and then
> told mgr that " since we swapped this for a new one, the warranty ( which
> is serial number related) is now void."
> I said that there MUST be a way for them to transfer the warranty to the
> replacement. He said that he asked and was told that there was not. I
> told him to call HP etc... to at least get a refund of the extended
> warranty.
> Anyone have experience with this ?

* * *

Outlook is part of Microsoft's Office Suite. Not a free program, but most
new computers with the Windows Operating Systems come with a 90 day trial
version. Outlook is certainly a far better, and much more secure e-mail
program than Outlook Express/Windows Mail.

You do have many free options, your employ can use Open Office suite, and
You can also also chose from a great number of e-mail client software...

PMMail 2000,
Pegasus Mail,
Poco Mail,
The Bat!,
Mozilla Thunderbird.

JR the postman
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