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Re: X1950 temperatures

Craig Coope
Posts: n/a
      01-02-2009, 11:38 PM
On Fri, 2 Jan 2009 22:26:34 -0000, "Neil"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Another Christmas, another game that pushes my video card a bit further than
>the stuff I have already. When I leave this one, I always see a warning
>that the clock speed is being reduced to stop the video card overheating.
>At what temperature is that supposed to happen? If I quickly flick open
>CCC, I can see on the Overdrive tab the temperature can be reading as high
>as 100C. Is the mechanism really meant to limit the temperature as high as
>I can also see that the VPU clock does not seem to have been reduced at all;
>it is still there at an indicated 580MHz, which is the stock speed. I've a
>feeling I've seen the memory frequency reduced, from the default 702MHz,
>some of the time, but never the VPU clock.
>I (relatively) recently vacuumed the inside of the computer case and blew as
>much dust out of the CPU and video card coolers as I could, so it should be
>reasonably clear. I can hear the fan on the video card accelerate while
>playing, so I'm also pretty sure that's working as intended.
>I'm using Catalyst 8.12 on Vista x64.

I don't have Vista and I have never overclocked. I used to have an
X1950 (AGP) and it ran at about 75 Max. I used to have an 9800XT and
that ran a little higher sometimes. I've read that ATI generally runs
higher than Nvidia but I'd say 100C is a bit too much. It may not bust
your card in the short term but it certainly can't be good in the long
term. When I first got my 9800 I had to buy 3 chasis fans. 1 in at the
front and 2 out at the back. Brought my temp down by 10C I seem to

The Zero ST
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