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Re: XP and MS security essentials?

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      05-17-2011, 01:04 PM
Hi Mal,

I've seen or tried different configurations of MS Windows SE/Defender. Defender is hard to remove but seems to "play well with others"; in other wordsone can leave it installed and add another AV prog like Avast, my current fav, or AVG. What I see as a tech are PC's that have had no maintenance andeventually pick up a 'trojan horse', 'bot', etc. Once the malware has beeninstalled and working the only best method of removal is 'wiping' the drive using a "professional" program, like Killdisk, that wipes the first 63 sectors of the drive and all the way to the end. Then install new OS, etc. The moral of the story is keep whatever you choose to use updated and USE it.I know it's a PITA but that's life.
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