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Re: You all stink like cheddar cheesy human kakaa

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      11-02-2006, 03:15 PM
To all respective forum readers, please take notice:
1) First of all, my appoligies for such a wide cross-posting. It's
unusal, and very frowned upon. But I deem it necessary in lieu of
recent events. You can just disreguard if you will. And please don't
respond, because it just feeds a troll.

2) The user who hails as "Radium" has been (drunkenly?) trolling
comp.sys.apple2 in, well, very unfriendly ways. I've noticed he also
has posted to your groups, which is why I call this to your attention.
If he trolls our group, it's pretty likely he might get bored one day
and troll on yours.

3) If you have an ignore or autokill feature, you'll do yourself a
favor by blocking Radium, aka "glucegen [at]". If you are
curious why I make such a big deal of this, search for recent usenet
activity to see what a jerk this guy has been, in an otherwise
proactive forum of nice, helpful netizens.

4) Have a very nice day. Live long and prosper.


Here's a sample of this person's gifted writing skills -- and probably
the most tame example of his recent postings:

Radium wrote:
> You all stink like cheddar cheesy human kakaa

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