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Replaced Gateway BIOS with Vanilla intel bios- Won't let me put originalback on!

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      01-27-2006, 06:37 PM
Hello, I have kind of a big problem. The stupid person I am, I replaced
my normal gateway bios with the plain vanilla intel bios from the intel
site. The best description I can give is a from another forum, where a
bunch of other users have the same problem as me, and this is the same
exact hardware:

> The Intel Motherboard in my Gateway 3250S came with this BIOS:
> EV91510A.15A.0123
> I made the mistake of "upgrading" to the latest plain-vanilla Intel BIOS:
> EV91510A.86A.0470
> As a result I've lost use of the onboard Firewire in OSX.
> Gateway ftp site does have a new BIOS for this motherboard:
> AG91510J.15A.0816
> I have tried installing the new BIOS from within WinXP, and using
> iFlash from a boot floppy. In both cases the flash aborts when it
> identifies that I am trying to overwrite an "EV" BIOS with an "AG". I
> even tried removing the BIOS jumper and the "recovery" mode from a
> floppy and still get no flash.
> I'm pretty sure that iFlash can "force" a flash, which is probably
> what I need to do, but I have not found an understandable description
> of the iFlash syntax on the Intel site or elsewhere on the web.
> 1) Anyone out there have a copy of, or a link to, the old
> EV91510A.15A.0123 Gateway BIOS ?
> 2) Anyone out there able to instruct me on how to force a flash of the
> AG91510J.15A.0816 BIOS ?
> Thanks!

Question is, how do I get the normal gateway bios:
back on the system? I tried uniflash, but appearently, they(gateway)
don't give me a .bin to use. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. My problem is
actually for a critical task. With this plain vanilla bios from intel,
VGA can't be autodetected by the bios(in linux), FANS are all messed up
and don't work correctly and hibernation doesn't work correctly. PLEASE
PLEASE! I will also refer the other people having this same problem to
this forum. THANKS A LOT!!

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