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A Retraction [Was Re: pleasant Linux for a 503+?]

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      11-19-2007, 12:06 AM

In Message-ID: <46dcd43f$0$27166$(E-Mail Removed)>, I said

"I have a VA-503+ on which I have run a bunch of Linux distributions,
beginning with Slackware: RedHat, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. After a
succession of recent disasters involving Linux 2.6-based Debian
distributions (namely, Debian etch and Ubuntu current) -- both of which
repeatedly self-destructed -- due, I suspect, to a bug in the
Debian/Ubuntu NE2000 ISA NIC driver module ('ne') -- I decided to switch
back to Linux 2.4-based Slackware 11.0"

I have since discovered that the problem was not the NE2000 ISA NIC
driver, which seems to work perfectly, but with the Samsung SCR-830
cdrom drive that I was using at the time -- or with the Debian driver
for that particular device {see Message-ID:
<472a286d$0$79872$(E-Mail Removed)> for details).

And whereas I then went on to say

"Home, sweet home!

"I doubt I will be running any more Linux 2.6-based distros on this
board any time soon."

I now wish to retract that statement.

As long as the Samsung SCR-830 is not connected, the Linux 2.6-based
Debian etch distribution works perfectly on my VA-503+ (and is IMHO
vastly superior in every way to Linux 2.4-based Slackware 11.0).

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