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s2469 + pci video cards = no post?!

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      09-14-2005, 03:21 PM
Hi All,

Working system:
Tyan s2469 Thunder Pro
Dual Athlon MP 2600+
1GB (kingston) ram
Netcell syncraid 5000 pata raid + drives
M-Audio audiophile 24/96
ATI All in wonder 9600 Pro AGP

I'm looking for a PCI card that will enable two more CRT/LCD displays.
I hope that you guys have some experience here.

I have tried a few Radeon 9250 PCI models except the built-by ATI
version since it only has one CRT and one s-video out.

Even when I pull out all the cards (including the AGP) the board does
not post. Video does not kick over.

Tried playing with many bios options, reducing devices, I even tried
slowing down PCI bus 1 to 33 Mhz; Onboard is disabled in bios and
Jumpered closed.

What is listed on the Tyan website for PCI tested cards is a very old
Nvidia based card. I can't even find it on froogle or ebay. Has anyone
tested or is using an ATI-based PCI video card? If I have to change
out the All in wonder I will but I do like the performance of the
system when the extra PCI card is out of the slot--still have to see
how it fares fully rendering music.

I hope you can help.

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