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S2866G3NR video woes

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      03-10-2012, 04:30 PM
I recently bought a Tyan S2866G3NR, the one with the integrated, SIS video. Problem is, the video looks like crap - text is fuzzy with both the Debian squeeze vesa and SIS drivers (even worse with SIS as video flickers). So, bought PNY GeForce GT 430 PCIe card with 4GB RAM. But, I am unable to get any output from this video card, after changing bios settings to use a PCIe card and such.

Question: has anyone had any success with any PCIe video card in this MB?

Question: does anyone know if one needs the small Tyan SLI Card M5001 inserted in the SODIMM socket in order for a PCIe video card to work? I don't have this card. If so, does anyone know where one might look to source such a card.

Many thanks!

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