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S2895 and getting SATA working!

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      05-24-2007, 05:26 PM
Guys please forgive my very basic question but I have installed an
Adaptec Ultra 320 SCSI and HostRaid card to run several SCSI drives
because I was not happy with system stability and felt sure that the
culprit was the on board SCSI. Now the new SCSI card is running the
drives fine, but I also have a couple of SATA drives that I need to get
working and am not having any success!

I understood that I needed to download the SATARAID drivers from the
Tyan site...the following is what I selected as I am running XP 64
Having downloaded them I saved them and now do not know how to install
them...please can anyone help please?

Many thanks


2006/01/09 v552_SATARAID_WinXP64bit
OS: Windows XP 64-bit
SATA RAID for nVidia nForce chipsets
Drivers applicable for: S2865, S2866, S2877 , S2891, S2892, S2895,
S4881, S4885, and S4985
Under Win XP 64-bit

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