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Sapphire 9800pro Active window erases Inactive window

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      06-01-2004, 01:34 PM
I have a Sapphire 9800 pro installed in my P4 2.66 computer. I am using ATI
Catalyst 4.5 drivers with all settings at default. This problem only occurs
with some program windows. It can be consistently replicated with Norton
Systemworks. Open Norton Systemworks, then activate the One Button Checkup.
Now grab the Norton Systemworks window and drag it over the smaller One
Button Checkup window...much like a blackboard eraser. The entire contents
of the One Button Checkup window will be erased for about half a second +,
at which point they re-appear. The frame of the One Button Checkup window
remains intact. As stated, this does not occur with all an
example a Windows Explorer window will erase the One Button Checkup window
but One Button Checkup window will NOT erase the contents of the Windows
Explorer window. Systemworks is not the only program that exhibits this
problem, I merely used it as an example because it is common enough that
maybe others can replicate (or not) this problem. My previous card, in this
same computer, was a Matrox G400..and it did NOT have this problem.

Any thoughts?


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