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SATA drive install problem

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      10-18-2005, 09:14 AM
I posted a similar topic back in August this year but had other issues with
the hard drive and was never able to successfully install it.

I have since had the drive replaced by Western Digital, so now I want to
install it again on my PC but I am still having a problem doing this.

I have an Asus P4S8X motherboard (about 3 years old) with 2 SATA

I currently have installed a primary IDE 200GB harddrive (with Windows XP
Pro SP2 installed) and a secondary IDE 80GB HD that acts as a backup drive.

The new drive is a 200GB SATA drive that I now want to instal as a backup

I have tried methods outlined in my previous post as follows but it still
will not boot-up.

These are the settings I have used and the messages I receive:

1. BIOS settings:
a. Under Advanced/PCI Config I have enabled "Onboard ATA Device" and
selected "No" for "Onboard ATA Device First".
b. Boot order is Floppy then IDE Drive then DVD-RW then INT18 Device

2. When I first boot up I went to CTRL-F and selected "Auto". It set the new
drive to Array 1 / Stripe and it reads as Functional.
The boot-up screen shows the RAID Mode as "1+0 Stripe".

3. The boot-up then stops with a warning "Windows could not start because
the following file is missing or corrupt : "System32/Drivers/ntfs.sys".
Is the PC trying to boot from this new drive even with the BIOS settings in
1 above?

4. I then disconnect the SATA drive and boot up normally under the IDE
drive. Under Device Manager the RAID/SCII drives are correctly installed and
recognized by Windows.

Any ideas how I can get this drive installed correctly?



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