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sata expresscards

Thomas Maier-Komor
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      03-12-2009, 10:40 AM

I'm looking for the right kind of ExpressCard that I can plug into my
Lenovo T61 laptop to add two eSATA ports. I've figured out that there
are two kinds of chipsets that are supported by OpenSolaris: SiI3132 and
AHCI - correct?

Now I'm wondering, which one to get. As I understand it the SiI3132 has
been supported for quite some time now, while in contrast AHCI support
is pretty new. So I guess driver robustness might be better with
SiI3132. OTOH, the AHCI seems to be the newer specification, which might
have its own benefits.

Additionally, I've seen there are lot's of very cheap ExpressCards with
two eSATA ports, where I was unable to figure out which chipset they are
using? E.g. Digitus makes such cards. Any idea what chipset that might
be and what the quality of the cards are. Judging from the price, I'd
avoid those cards, but I'd be happy if they are good enough for general use.

So, can anybody give me some insight on which chipset or brand/make to
prefer and which would work well especially with the Lenovo T61?

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