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SB Live and Battlefield Vietnam

Big Sky
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      10-09-2006, 04:14 AM
Hey gamers. First I had huge problems getting my SB Live to play nice with
BF2. Ended up having to copy some updated opengl sound dll file into my BF2
directory. Now I get the fancy EAX sounds but still get occasional freezes
when I get whacked by a lound explosion near me. Now it was off to try my
luck with BF Vietnam. No matter what setting I try (software or hardware
render, eax or no eax, medium or high quality), BFV will freeze quickly
after starting a game or shortly into the game. I'm using the latest (if
you can call them latest) drivers from the creative website. I can't
believe that this popular card isn't compatible with these games. I see the
same problem on another computer I have which is also using a SB Live card.
Please help if you've run into this before.



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