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Scrambled LCD on startup (plaid!)

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      03-12-2009, 01:36 AM
My Gateway M680 17" Laptop has developed a habit of scrambling its display at startup. I wish I could post a snapshot but it's dead. On BIOS boot it's all dotted lines in a PLAID pattern and on GRUB (dualboot xp-linux) the black displays random colored squares with symbols and some fonts, finally arriving on either Ubuntu boot menu (I can see through the squares) and if I continue to Ubuntu actually the desktop comes up all scrambled but visible. or the XP splash, at which point the monitor turns black.

The problem is intermittent. I have been able to start the computer and it runs normally. The last time it started to scramble as I was trying to scroll down a window. Scrambled and died.

Gateway has been notorious for its poor CS and horrible business practices. This computer is STILL under warranty but they sold their Business Division to some deadbeat scam company (MPC) which won't honor the warranty. I figure there's thousands of costumers like myself who are left to fend for ourselves with broken machines and zero support.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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