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Shuttle SS51G V2 IDE ISSUE

Big Sky
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      10-22-2005, 06:28 AM
My Shuttle SS51G V2's IDE seems to be rather slow even after a recent
rebuild. My cheapo ECS/VIA motherboard boots much faster and is more
responsive with a similar hard drive. I'm running a P4 2.2 OC'd to 2.5GHz
with Win2000Pro, 784 MB DDR2700 RAM, NVIDIA 5600 Ultra, etc. I installed
the latest IDE driver from the SIS website for the SS 651 N.B./SIS 962L S.B.
but this didn't help. I have all settings in the BIOS set to auto or
otherwise set to ensure fastest IDE operation. I read some posts that said
certain SIS chipsets had problems with enabling DMA mode with Windows 2000.
I found a FAQ on the Shuttle website that states:

How to increase performance for the combination of HDD (IDE bus) and
the SiS 962L chipset?

Please install the patch file

My question is do I need to install the IDE driver if I use the above patch file or is the SISIDE file intended to be installed in
addition to the IDE driver? I can't find this file anywhere on the SIS
website although I found some broken links to the SIS website referencing a
SiSide driver and/or inf file. None of the SIS drivers appear to have been
updated very recently. Don't know if this means they are very stable or if
SIS doesn't care to keep their drivers current.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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