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SN85G4v2 RIS problems
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      03-22-2006, 01:57 PM
Hi guys,

I'm trying to deploy WinXP Pro using RIS onto my SN85G4v2. I've got a
working RIS server and have deployed OSs to other machines, however
when attempting to run an installation on my shuttle I don't get very

So far I can:
1. Boot from the PXE BIOS into the OS Chooser.
2. Enter the admin username and password.
3. Select my OS type (32/64bit).
4. Select my OS (WinXP Pro).
5. Acknowledge that I'm going to wipe my PC and machine name details
(including a really odd GUID comprising of mainly Fs).

After this, the shuttle looks like it's attempting the second stage of
a RIS install (starting WinXP textmode install) - the problem is that
it never gets there, it will just hang with a black screen, even
CTRL-ALT-DEL won't save me. If I disable my Si3512 I'm greeted with a
random screen of coloured ASCII characters - if my Si3512 is enabled,
it's blank. The nforce3 boot agent version is 191.0304.

I've not yet slipstreamed my nForce3 ethernet drivers - but that
shouldn't cause me an issue - it should just tell me to go away because
it can't find a supported network card.

Does anybody have any ideas? I've contact Shuttle and they've not been
much use.



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Posts: n/a
      03-22-2006, 09:49 PM
I've resolved the issue, it was with the A20 gate handler - I had it
switched to Fast in the BIOS - altering it to Default resolved the

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