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Solaris 10 Unable to use "Dumb" KVM (Avocent SwitchView USB 4-Port),Works Under Solaris 8
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      02-28-2012, 05:25 PM
I have two Sun Blade 150 clients, one loaded with Solaris 8, the other Solaris 10.

I noticed that if I put the clients on a "dumb" KVM (Avocent SwitchView USB4-Port), that the Solaris 8 machine works when switching between KVM channels (the /var/adm/messages log shows 20+ usb related events from kernel andusba)

The Solaris 10 machine will not reconnect to the KVM, and I have to SSH into the box and reboot it.

What's going on with Solaris 10? Why is it not as robust as Solaris 8 whenthe USB keyboard/mouse is switched on a "dumb" KVM?

Anyone had similar experiences?

When I SSH into the misbehaving Solaris 10 machine and do a "cfgadm", I cansee that the USB devices have disconnected, but they are never able to reconnect, no matter what combination of cfgadm commands I try. Only a rebootof Solaris 10 fixes the problem. A sub-optimal solution.

And yes, newer "smart" KVM's work (IOGear GCS1734), just not the Avocent.

Any help is appreciated.

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