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Something I bet no one considers

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      07-24-2007, 01:19 PM
Well - I don't know...maybe - I know I didn't until I started thinking about what people say about overclocking and how it causes damage, no matter how much or how little...Got that from ThunDA's AMD Overclocking Guide

In my case, my system is actually powered down about 80% of the time (usually because of my work schedule), so even over the course of the year and few months that it's been set to an overclocked state, the total amount of time that it's actually been run in an oc'd state is probably not more than a few months total, if I were to try to estimate it in terms of time.

I realize this doesn't mean that I haven't possibly done some damage to my cpu, but if I think of like this, it doesn't seem like I've shortened the life span of the cpu as much as if it had been run in the oc'd state for a year straight. Just something I was thinking about.
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