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Sound Card NOT Working ?

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      04-17-2004, 03:41 PM
I Recently bought a FrontTech Sound Card CMI8738. I have a 100 MHz CPU
(Pentium - S). 32MB RAM. I am running Win95.
I inserted the sound card in the available slot and installed the
drivers from the intallation CD.

But it is not working.

The seller is refusing to take back the sound card.
What to do ?

How to make it work.

After i installed the driver. i rebooted the system. during booting it
gave a black screen saying exception occurred in some dll (See Below).
What should i do. Will the sound card work in my system (100Mz Pentium
- S)
Please Help.

First Message I get When i start my computer after installing drivers.
This message also comes when i try to play from mp3 file.

First Screen:
A fatal Exception 07 has occurred at 0028:C1013B63 in VXD cmaudio (01)
+ 00029497.
This was called from 0028:C1013B4C in VXD cmaudio (01) + 00029480.
It may be possible to continue normally.
Press any key to continue.
Press Ctrl + ALt + Del to restart computer.

When a Press any Key I get the following second screen.

Second Screen:

A fatal Exception 07 has occurred at 0028:C333DE62 in VXD cmaudio (05)
+ 000114BE.
The Current Application will be terminated
Press any key to terminate application.
Press Ctrl + ALt + Del to restart computer.

Please Help.

What sould i do now. Is the Card compatible with my hardware.

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