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SOYO SY-P4VTE > Machine locks up when leaving BIOS screen
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      02-28-2005, 07:56 PM
Machine boots up and beeps with a message "CMOS settings Wrong"
"Press F1 for setup, F2 to use defaults and continue"
If I press F1 and enter the BIOS setup (save or don't save settings)
then leave, the machine locks up and I must clear the CMOS and start
I upgraded successfully to the latest BIOS revision per the SOYO
Upon bootup, I can choose "F2-Use defaults and continue" and the
machine will boot to Windows successfully.

My problem is - I cannot enter and leave the BIOS without the machine
locking up and having to move a jumper to clear the BIOS.
I have tried ALL the suggestions on the SOYO website - other RAM, other
CPU, etc.

VERY frustrating. Any help?

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