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SUN Fire X4200 not powering up

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      03-24-2012, 08:48 PM

I recently obtained an second hand Fire x4200. Initially, the server had a problem with the SYS/MBT/V_BAT sensor, reading a mere 0.5V. I have since replaced the RTC clock battery, the sensor is at a stable and healthy 3V now.

Now the server has no errors, all error/warning lights on the chassis are off, the LOM's event log also reports absolutely no errors, and my green power light is flashing, as it is supposed to be doing when the server is powered off.

Now, for some reason, I am unable to power the server on LOM's event log after pushing the front power button reads:

KCS Command : Set ACPI Power State : system power state = no change : device power state = no change : success
-> start /SYS
Are you sure you want to start /SYS (y/n)? y
start: Failed to start /SYS
Followed by LOM logs:
root : Set : object = /SYS/power_state : value = on : error
Can anyone possibly shed some light as to why the server isn't powering up? Visably on the server, as well as in the LOM, all sensors appear to be fine and there's no error or warnings given anywhere...

I'm stumbed. 20+ years in IT, and I can't power on a server?!?!
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      04-13-2012, 12:07 PM

I had the same situation here.
I could boot the ILOM and do a login here but when I tried to do a 'start /SYS' I got the same error.

-> start /SYS
Are you sure you want to start /SYS (y/n)? y
start: Failed to start /SYS
Also when running this command, I got an empty table!

-> show faulty
Finally I found my solution to this situation.
There seem to be an intrusion switch that detects when covers are removed. Then the server will power off!
In my situation this switch was bent and broken. When this switch isn't working it thinks that the covers are still removed and so the server will stay power off!

I had to replace this I/O board to be able to boot the server again.

From the 'Sun Fire X4100 X4200 Servers Diagnostics Guide 819-3284-17.pdf'

Check that both the main cover and rear cover are firmly in place.

There is an intrusion switch on the front I/O board that automatically shuts down
the server power to standby mode when the covers are removed.
In your case you will have to check the status of this switch. It is on the 'Front I/O Board w/Cover Interlock Switch' (P/N 501-7256).
Maybe you can repair it without replacing the board.

The switch itself is found on the left side of the server, just behind the FAN trays.

I found it very easy to damage the switch, so watch out.
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