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SuperMicro 370DLE problem

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      07-05-2004, 10:00 PM
My SuperMicro 370DLE mb has 2 intel pentium 3 fcpga 600 Mhz (133 Mhz
But my bios doesn't find 2 processors when booting.
I've tried several configuration:

fc pga 1 fc pga 2
empty cpu 1 it works
empty cpu2 it doesn't work
cpu 2 empty it doesn't work
cpu1 empty it doesn't work
cpu1 cpu2 it doesn't work
cpu2 cpu1 it doesn't work

When i tell "it doesn't work" I mean that in monitor I don't see
With the first configuration it seems all ok.
Why? How can I enable both processor? Pheraphs cpu 2 is broken
but the strange thing is that cpu1 works only in fcpga2 and not in

Thank you


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