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Supermicro DM3 RAM compatibility question

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      03-25-2005, 09:43 AM
I've got suspected RAM problems with a system running Windows Server
2003 on this mobo. I currently have two Samsung PC100 322-620 256Mb
DIMMS installed (512Mb altogether), and the system always freezes
after a few minutes of inactivity (this is after a clean o/s install,
with no applications installed and no programs running).

I've tried swapping out the DIMMs with a couple of 128Mb PC100 DIMMS
borrowed from a working Compaq. One is Compaq branded, and is labelled
"PC100-322-620". The other is a Kingston Technologies KTC6611/128. If
I install either of this I get repeated beeps when I restart the
system, indicating that the memory isn't recognised.

I'm having trouble sourcing exact replacements for the Saumsung DIMMS,
and I'm concerned that if I buy other brands these too will be
incompatible with the board. Could anyone tell me why these two DIMMS
are incompatibile with this board, and provide advice on how I can
ensure that any replacement DIMMS will work?

TIA for any advice
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