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SY-KT333 UP Raid Problem

Rick Hallman
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      05-29-2006, 08:01 PM
I recently decided to create my first Raid 1 array on my SY-KT333 UP. I
have been using this motherboard for 2 years and I liked the idea of having
a redundant HD incase something mechanical occurred to the first HD. Well I
reinstalled my operating system on a new Seagate 120GB HD with a second
identical Seagate drive running as a Hidden mirror drive. After a few days
I had my computer restored with all my software running again. Everything
seemed fine for about a week and then I started getting messages on boot up
concerning "recovering the registry" or requesting that Scandisk be run on
my HD. I sucessfully ran Scandisk but the request would popup again a few
days later. I could see that some files were being deleted or corrupted
because some things just quit working. I disconnected the second HD a week
ago and Broke the mirrored array. I have not had any additional problems
with the drive I am using alone now. I would like to try a raid 1again but
not if it is going to be unreliable again.
My motherboard uses a Highpoint 372 controller, I downloaded the last
Highpoint drivers and software from the Soyo website and installed them, The
2 Seagate 120GB drives were both Masters on the 2 separate IDE channels 3&4.
I created the array before installing the operating system and then let
Windows XP Pro install on the array as if it were a single hard drive. The
hidden drive was only viewable from the Highpoint management in Windows or
when you pressed Control-H during the boot up process.
I was using some round after-market IDE cables for the original raid
setup and I will change to the Seagate provided ribbon cables if I do
reinstall the HD's in a raid configuration again. Do you have any other
suggestions. Are there Raid issues with this motherboard that I am not
aware of?

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