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system instability with p4vte

danny b
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      09-24-2004, 04:55 AM
hey all
i just built my own pc for the first time. i ordered just about
everything from except for my ati radeon 9800 and a hard

my specs are:
p4 3.0 ghz
two sticks of 512 corsair ram (total of 1 gig)
samsung 200 gig hd
soyo p4vte motherboard
400W power supply
ati radeon 9800 pro 128mb

i think thats all that i need to tell you guys in terms of specs.
my problem is that my computer just randomly hangs at times. i do not
need to be playing a graphics-intense game such as doom 3. i could
randomly just have AIM open and be chatting with my friends or just
surfing the web and my monitor goes into standby mode, if i have music
playing with windows media player, the music stops, and when i press
caps lock or num lock on the keyboard, the light does not change
showing if its on or off. when i press the restart button on my case,
it restarts fine and everything works...until the next time it hangs.
after doing many many hours of research about this problem, ive came
to the assumption that my video card is not getting enough juice. the
motherboard manual strictly states NOT to use a 3.3v memory card as
they are not support and it can do damage to the motherboard or the
video card or both. i am not 100% completely sure the ati radeon 9800
is not 3.3v but im think it is not. it does require a power plug
coming from the power supply.
one of the reasons i came to the conclusion that it is most likely the
lack of power going to the agp slot was when i came to the following
site by chance on the soyo motherboard website.
it shows my exact problem (system hanging and instability). however,
if you notice under products, my p4vte motherboard is not listed.
also, i do not have an ati 9700 but i have a 9800. it also does not
explain how you can change the agp voltage. i went into the bios but
nowhere in there could i find how i could change it. i sent soyo an
email about this and asked them where i could do this but i have been
waiting a few days now and not received an email. this is getting
very frustrating for me as i cannot do any work on my pc without the
fear of losing it.
any help is much appreciated.
thank you.
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