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System will not boot the SATA drives

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      09-10-2006, 05:25 PM

Motherboard: K8N Neo4
BIOS Version: v1.3 031105
Processor: AMD 3800
Memory: DDR400 - 1 Gig
Hard Drives:
- IDE0-Master: 120 gig
- SATA1, SATA2, SATA3, & SATA4: 120gig

Next when the system booted, it would lock up at the D-Bracket light indication of "Boot Attempt" (This will set low stack via INT 19h.)

I then moved the SATA connections from 1,2,3,4 to 5,6,7,8 respectivly.
After this, the system would exit POST and start to boot the IDE hard drive.
It fails now at this point: stating the boot device is bad (DISK BOOT FAILURE)
(maybe the IDE drive is bad)

I then boot with a KNOPPIX CD and the system will load and run fine. I actually used K3B to burn to CD all my 'important' data. From this test I know the memory, cpu, motherboard, and SATA drives all work fine.
The SATA drives 5,6,7,8 all are mounted and work great.

I can not find within the BIOS a setting to allow the system to boot to SATA5.
This is actually where the system booted to normally (not the IDE drive)
In windows, the C drive was the IDE drive, and drive G was SATA1 (now SATA5), and drive G was where I installed windows.

If during POST, I press F11, I am presented with the boot device menu.
At this point I can choose HARD DRIVE (which has a + by it), then it expands to show the IDE hard drive only (and none of the SATA drives: 5,6,7,8)

My questions is simple:
Is it possible to boot to SATA5 with this motherboard?

Thanks for any help.
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