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Thinkpad A22e Startup Problem

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      06-08-2005, 04:30 AM
Thanks for reading.

I just acquired an old IBM Thinkpad A22e from a friend who said it
would not start up. She recently changed the memory, HD, and replaced
the CD with a DVD. It worked for about a month.

Now, the computer will not turn on. The battery light illuminates when
the power cord is plugged in and goes out for a second when I try to
turn the machine on. There is no response from the laptop when
pressing the power key without the power cord plugged in (no lights to
illuminate or go out). There is no sound comming from the HD or fan to
suggest that the system is trying to start. I have tried removing the
two RAM and placing them in all the different configerations. I have
also reseated the hard drive and the keyboard.

Has anyone else encountered this? Could this be one of the on board
fuses or should I find a spare HD and test that first? I would love a
free laptop, but can't figure out what is wrong with it for the life of

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