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Thinkpad X21. Battery ok, thinkpad does not power on
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      09-12-2006, 02:12 PM

I have a problem with my Thinkpad X21. I have two batteries, which both
deliver (as soon as the system is running) approx 3 1/2 to 4 hrs of
operation time, so the batteries are ok. But something strange
happened to me. Since a certain date it is not possible to turn the x21
on if only the battery is inserted (no AC power). Only a few minutes
after charging the battery it can be powered on from battery. As soon
as it is running (when pluggin AC and Battery it can be turned on), the
battery is working fine and the system can be disconnected from AC (and
send to sleep mode). The indicator work for low battery charges, too.
However, for a well charged battery the over-estimation of the runtime
was getting higher (the indicator tells hundred hours of runtime
directly after charging....).

Since the problem appeared on both batteries the same day (one was not
used at all at that time) i have the theory that there is a voltage
threshold which the battery control electronics in the thinkpad uses to
determine the state an that this circuit was either damaged or
miscalibrated by some software problem. Is there a way to readjust this

best regards,
Alexander Kemp

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