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booting troble

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by gonu, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. gonu

    gonu Guest

    i have intel 915 gev motherboard and when
    i on power switch fan starts and light flashes of hdd and after few
    seconds it stop flashing hdd light my monitor green light turn on and
    remains on..
    but it shows only white screen and my system doesnt boot.
    my power strip,power supply,power connectors,monitor connector are
    ok.after 4-5 attempts it boots. i dont
    use video card i have inbuilt graphics accelerator.
    gonu, Jan 15, 2007
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  2. gonu

    Davy Guest

    Re: booting trouble

    What about the Bios CMOS battery... have you checked
    this..? NOTE: removing the CMOS battery
    for more than about two minutes will result in the Bios setting to
    default and you would have to be reset this in the Bios

    You'll get Bios to boot Post (Power On self Test) bleep with just the
    minimum of parts, you'll need the CPU, RAM & Graphic card all the
    rest can be disconnected inc. the hard drive and you'll be able to
    access the bios screen.

    If all is well at this stage it will say something to the effect of
    'Please insert the disc' asking you for the operating system.... so
    with the minimum of parts we have eliminated them.... getting that
    bios to boot is the first goal.

    If you can get this, then leaving everything disconnected just add the
    hard drive, the next goal is getting the hard drive to boot.

    The way the thing works when you press that big red power button,
    you're kicking the bios out of bed, it does a quick look in the
    mirror and if all is well gives a bleep and hands the control over to
    the CPU when the hard drive starts to load Windows and any other start
    up proggy's into RAM.

    Normally (sod's law could apply here).... If a RAM or Graphic card
    has a fault the bios normally emits a warning by giving a series of
    bleeps which represents a code... "yeah, yeah I know you said
    on-board graphics".

    See how we go from here... are you getting that bios to boot..?

    Davy, Jan 22, 2007
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