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Discussion in 'Dell' started by T i m, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some general Dell PSU / charging info if someone would
    oblige please.

    The most specific is daughters - boyfriends (they are here for a short
    visit) two year old Inspiron 1545.

    All was going swimmingly till his mum caught the DC lead and (they
    think) and since then the battery doesn't charge and the power LED is
    flashing what looks like 4 x quick orange then a long white.

    Looking in the BIOS it says:

    Battery = Health normal
    AC adaptor = unknown
    and beside the battery image, '0% charge' (no surprise there).

    We have managed to borrow another charger and battery (from another
    1545) but the results were the same.

    So, as the machine is otherwise working fine, what are the likely
    cause(s) of this and what to do to resolve it please?

    FWIW it seems that directly after the incident it /would/ charge for a
    bit but progressively wouldn't till the battery eventually went flat.

    Someone we know who fixes a fair range of laptops suggested that it
    could be the DC socket [1] and that some of these (this is the
    octagonal barrel type) have three connections and depending how the
    connection between the plug and the charger / system board have been
    damaged (sheared socket pins , broken socket internals or broken board
    / torn joint / track etc) it can give various effects. Like, the
    laptop will run from PSU but not charge or only charge etc?

    I would be interested to learn a bit more about the Dell way of doing
    stuff as there might be a similar spec 'Studio' series laptop with
    similar problems (new PSU and battery didn't help) I could help with.

    Daughters D520 seems to just have a dead main battery as the aux one
    in the bay seems to be charging ok (I thought it wasn't ... or it
    could be intermittent). I think that could make use of the 90W PSU as
    I think currently it's using the 60W jobbie (Both PA-12's though)?

    My old Inspiron 8100 seems to be behaving itself atm. ;-)

    I may change the DC socket anyway on the D520 as daughter says it is
    getting a bit loose and whilst I'm happy to do the same on the 1545
    (and Studio) it's been suggested they are not the easiest to work on
    (clips instead of screws etc)?

    Cheers, T i m
    T i m, Jan 23, 2011
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