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EMC disks and SMARTctl

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by DoN. Nichols, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. DoN. Nichols

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    I've just recently gone through convincing a bunch of 73 GB
    FC-AL disks from an EMC array and RAID controller (obtained at a
    hamfest) to work in my Sun Fire 280R server.

    I'll start out with what worked in case it is some help to
    others trying to get ex-EMC RAID FC-AL drives to work in Suns.

    It took a while to figure out the proper sequence. It seems to
    *have* to be:

    1) Plug in the drive. (hot plug in my case).

    2) "devfsadm -C -c disk" (Yes, I know that the "-c disk" are
    not truly necessary, but I had a bunch of tape drives in a
    jukebox also on that system and I did not want to disturb those
    settings. The "-C" (clean) however was necessary for each
    drive to avoid picking up parameters form whatever was in that
    slot last.

    3) "format"

    4) When format *finally* gives a menu (it takes a couple of
    minutes and lots of console reports about scsi resets)


    and then select "0" (auto-configure).

    If I do *anything* else from within format (like "partition",
    auto-configure will fail.

    But -- if that is indeed the *first* thing that I do, it will

    "I need to reformat this disk to 512 bytes/sector (y/n)?"

    Of course I give it 'y' and it takes forever with no other
    information other than the single word: "formatting..." Not the
    usual wrong guess about how long it will take or anything. :)

    But it finally finishes (over an hour), and then I can partition
    the drive and use it.
    So -- after doing this with 20 drives (one failed, the rest were
    fine), I then started swapping them into the zfs raidz2 arrays and once I
    was done, started looking at each with:

    "smartctl -a /dev/rdsk/c1t40d0s2"

    (and other drive numbers) which among other things told me that the
    drives had between 29 hours and five hours of power-up time total. Now
    the 36 GB drives which they replaced mostly had a bit over 50,000 hours.

    So -- what I am wondering is whether the reformat to 512
    bytes/sector scrubbed the hours of service information from the drives,
    or whether these *really* have so few hours on them? They *looked*
    clean, but so did the 50,000 hour drives, so that is no sure clue. Of
    course, I spent a lot of time moving the drives to spuds for formatting,
    then to EuroLogic carriers for actual use, since I no longer have EMC
    bays. (I like the EuroLogic ones a lot more.)

    These were all ST373405FCV drives, FWIW. $165.00 for the twenty
    (19 working) drives. :)


    Email: <> | Voice (all times): (703) 938-4564
    (too) near Washington D.C. | http://www.d-and-d.com/dnichols/DoN.html
    --- Black Holes are where God is dividing by zero ---
    DoN. Nichols, Aug 12, 2008
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