GA-MA790FX-DS5 Memory timing

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by jss27560, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. jss27560

    jss27560 Guest

    I am trying to make sure that my memory is configuired correctly. From
    what I can tell the memory is running at 736 instead of the 800 that
    it's supose to be and the timing is 5-4-4-12 and it should be
    5-5-5-15 . What is the easiest way to correct it.

    Also is my CPU running at the correct speed?

    my machine is a Gigybyte GA-MA790FX-DS5, AMD 64 X2 4200+ Brisbane
    2.2GHz, OCZ SLI-Ready Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2
    1066, 2x POWERCOLOR 26PRO 512M DDR2 Radeon HD 2600PRO 512MB Crossfire

    Memory SPD

    DIMM #1

    Memory type DDR2
    Module format Regular UDIMM
    Manufacturer (ID) OCZ (7F7F7F7FB0000000)
    Size 1024 MBytes
    Max bandwidth PC2-5300 (333 MHz)
    Part number OCZ2N1066SR1G
    Serial number FFFFFFFF
    Manufacturing date Week 165/Year 165

    Number of banks 2
    Data width 64 bits
    Correction None
    Nominal Voltage 1.80 Volts
    EPP yes (1 profiles)
    XMP no

    Timings table
    Frequency (MHz) 270 270 333
    CAS# 3.0 4.0 5.0
    RAS# to CAS# delay 4 4 5
    RAS# Precharge 4 4 5
    TRAS 13 13 15
    TRC 15 15 19

    EPP profile 1 (full)
    Voltage level 2.100 Volts
    Address Command Rate 2T
    Cycle time 1.875 ns (533.3 MHz)
    tCL 5.0 clocks
    tRCD 5 clocks (9.25 ns)
    tRP 5 clocks (9.25 ns)
    tRAS 15 clocks (28.00 ns)
    tRC 22 clocks (41.00 ns)
    tWR 6 clocks (11.25 ns)

    Processors Information

    Processor 1 (ID = 0)
    Number of cores 2 (max 2)
    Number of threads 2 (max 2)
    Name AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
    Codename Brisbane
    Specification AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
    Package Socket AM2 (940)
    CPUID F.B.2
    Extended CPUID F.6B
    Brand ID 4
    Core Stepping BH-G2
    Technology 65 nm
    Core Speed 2210.1 MHz (11.0 x 200.9 MHz)
    HT Link speed 1004.6 MHz
    Stock frequency 2200 MHz
    Instructions sets MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64
    L1 Data cache 2 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte line size
    L1 Instruction cache 2 x 64 KBytes, 2-way set associative, 64-byte
    line size
    L2 cache 2 x 512 KBytes, 16-way set associative, 64-byte line size
    FID/VID Control yes
    max FID 11.0x
    max VID 1.300 V
    Features XD, VT
    K8 Thermal sensor yes
    K8 Revision ID 6.0
    Attached device PCI device at bus 0, device 24, function 0
    Attached device PCI device at bus 0, device 24, function 1
    Attached device PCI device at bus 0, device 24, function 2
    Attached device PCI device at bus 0, device 24, function 3

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  2. sohel08


    Jul 8, 2008
    Memory things

    Boot sequence is "1=CDROM" "2=HDD"
    XP CD is inserted
    "Enabled" BIOS' "OnChip SATA Controller"-option
    If I turn on "AHCI" as "OnChip SATA Type" boot process stops while
    "Verifying DMI Pool Data...."
    If I turn on "Native IDE" as "Type" boot process finishes and XP
    starts installation stating there were two disks ("drive 0 id 0 bus 0
    and drive 0 id 1 bus 0") each with 131.070 MB

    What is this all about?
    Why does boot process stop when in AHCI mode? It might be necessary
    to install os-drivers to fully use AHCI, but that should not work if
    AHCI is turned off by BIOS (from my point of view or did I understand
    something wrong?)
    Why does XP report 131.070 MB for the drives?
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  3. lakeswimmer


    Jul 29, 2008
    Ohh.. I used the same board, but i have not encounter that problem eversince. I also don't have any idea how to do the timing.
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