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Hard drive problems :(

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by Moo, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Moo

    Moo Guest

    I have an Abit IC7 and recently I have been experiencing HD problems.

    A few months ago one of my SATA drives died (the main one with windows on
    it) so I purchased a new one which installed and ran fine.

    Recently I booted the machine to find that it could not locate the OS, I
    formatted the drive (well the partition with windows) and reinstalled, again
    it worked fine.

    Turned it on again the other day and it could find neither of my SATA drives
    (both Seagate barracudas the one that died was a maxtor, never again), a few
    reboots and it found them but it has not been running right since, the HD
    seems to stop every so often (main windows one, I'll call it HD1) which
    causes windows to stop what it is doing also, it will then carry on.

    When transferring data from HD1 to my external USB 2.0 HD everything else in
    windows grinds to a halt, even the mouse is jittery when moved across the

    I'm pretty sure I was able to copy 100 gig from my SATA (second one, HD2) to
    my USB HD in a few hours, whilst backing up 100 gig from HD1 to USB
    yesterday it took nearly 12 hours.

    Others have said that my SATA controller on my mobo might be dying or that
    it could be the SATA cables.

    I admit that I forgot the install the intel chipset drivers until yesterday
    (following the OS not found reinstall mentioned above) but they have not
    improved things, I used the latest ones listed on the abit website, ver

    Also on the abit website is a file (drivers) for the SATA drive but that
    just contains INF files and data, right clicking and choosing install on the
    INF didn't appear to do anything.

    Unfortunately the IC7 is socket 478 so if I want to upgrade to something
    decent I'll need, mobo, processor & graphics card which is a lot of money.

    I have a new SATA & cables arriving today (Western digital) and will see if
    that improves things with a fresh install of windows... does anyone have any
    other suggestions on what might be wrong before I spend lots of money
    replacing the motherboard?

    Many thanks,


    p.s. sorry for the long post.
    Moo, Sep 1, 2006
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