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Have you had problems with Marshall Monitors?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by CCIFlorida, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. CCIFlorida


    Apr 21, 2009
    Have you had problems with Marshall Monitors? We have and we are looking for other Marshall Monitor users that have had similar problems. Please email us or post your comments about the problems you have encountered.

    We have two V-LCD15 and fourteen V-LCD12 Marshall LCD Monitors. The monitors have been mounted to a monitor wall in a TV Production Truck. All of the Marshall Monitor bezels or plastic cases are rapidly deteriorating and becoming sticky and gooey, so badly so that if you touch a monitor your hand sticks to and leaves a permanent impression on the monitor and a sticky residue is left on your hand. At the same time other monitors in the monitor wall manufactured by Sharp and Panasonic do not have this problem and show no such wear.

    When I contacted Marshall about this problem, I spoke with Alan Myers, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Broadcast Division, for Marshall Electronics in mid January 2009, he indicated that he would have his Florida Representative John Wheeler stop by and inspect our monitors. After sixty days, had past and no representative from Marshall had called or visited us, I contacted Alan again and got permission to return a monitor for Marshall to inspect. Two weeks later Alan indicated that Marshall would attempt to fix this monitor, but they would not fix any of the fifteen other monitors we have that have the same problem because Marshall believes we contaminated them with something like cleaning solution. However, no cleaning solution or any other solution was ever applied. Again, no other monitor other than the Marshall monitors are exhibiting this problem. Further, if you inspect the back of our Marshall monitors the monitor backs are just as sticky and gooey as the front, but in our rack mount monitor wall it would have been very difficult to clean or contaminate the backs of these monitors. The reality is no such cleaning or contamination ever happened. I am more than disappointed by the fact that all these Marshall Monitors cases are failing, but I find the slow response and the total lack of support from Alan and Marshall unacceptable and the fact that Marshall will not stand behind their products is unforgivable. I have been in the broadcast production business for over 30 years and this is the first time I have ever had a professional or broadcast video equipment supplier fail to stand behind their product.

    So our questions again, have you ever had a problem with a Marshall Monitor? Please post your comments here!

    Thanks for your feedback.
    CCIFlorida, Apr 21, 2009
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