Keychain failing to remember password for samba mount

Discussion in 'Apple' started by, May 4, 2007.

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    This is happening on a 12" G4 Powerbook running 10.3.9. There's a
    Linux server out on the network with a samba share. There's a valid
    working linux user/password and a valid working samba user/password
    (smbpasswd). I start the Mac and select the proper network Location. I
    select Connect to Server and see the name of the Linux server. I click
    on that and a dialog opens up. I select the share name, click on
    Authenticate, wait for the stupid beachball to go away, select the
    share name again, click on authenticate, wait for the stupid beachball
    to go away, click on Authenticate Again (which has replaced
    Authenticate), enter the workgroup name, username and password, check
    the Remember in Keychain radio button and click on OK and the share
    mounts on the desktop. All copying, moving, opening and so forth works
    properly. I choose Shutdown and the machine shuts down properly.

    I then re-start the machine, open the finder window, select the
    network icon and the window fills with various server alias icons. I
    select the icon for the Linux server (which is properly displayed
    there) , select the proper share and click OK (because keychain has
    remembered the necessary information, right?) Well it hasn't. In fact
    I (and by extension, the user) have to go through the entire damned
    procedure outlined above to get the share mounted on the desktop.

    I will not ask the user to go through this just to give them the means
    to back files up to someplace besides the localhost. I can't believe
    OS X can't manage, throught its own GUI tools, something as simple as
    mounting a samba share with some semblence of automagic as regards
    workgroup/user/password, so there must be another reason, an error in
    my method, that can be corrected. Or maybe Keychain just needs to do
    what the GUI implies it's going to do. How can I make it do this? I
    have looked at the keychain utility and netinfo and all appears to be

    I'm certainly not blaming anybody (well, maybe Apple, or me for my own
    error), but the user just happens to be the owner of the company that
    employs me and I'd like to get this screwed down, fast. I'm
    appreciative of any recipes or tips for this.
    , May 4, 2007
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  2. Guest

    On May 4, 12:53 pm, Jolly Roger <> wrote:
    > On 2007-05-04 13:51:06 -0500, said:
    > > click on Authenticate Again (which has replaced
    > > Authenticate)

    > It sounds like the password for this server that is stored in your key
    > chain is incorrect. Delete all key chain entries for this server, then
    > log in with the correct password. That should fix the problem.
    > --
    > (If you send an email to this address, please notify me ahead of time
    > so I can watch for it among the sea of SPAM that gets filtered out
    > daily.)
    > JR

    Thanks for the quick write-back!

    You know, that's one thing I didn't try, thinking that re-telling the
    Keychain to save something would overwrite what it had been told prior
    (I did this as the user, who has Admin powers.) Boss has the machine
    now but I'll squeak in ASAP and try this out.


    , May 4, 2007
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