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Matrox G450 MMS

Discussion in 'Matrox' started by ksisco@gmail.com, Feb 3, 2006.

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    I have a question that has probably been echoed before... but I
    couldn't find it in the 15 minutes of searching I spent... so I'm sorry
    for the repeat.

    I've noticed that there is a HUGE difference between running two nVidia
    cards - one PCI and one AGP - and going with *any* of the Matrox cards.
    I assume that there is a great amount of difference in the quality of
    the two, but I'm not sure if I need the Matrox of not.

    Here's my situation... I'm working for a pool hall that is moving to a
    brand new building. The owner would like to set up several LCD
    monitors throughout the 15,000 sq. ft. building to advertise specials
    and upcoming events. I'm in charge of this project, and while I've
    built home computers and networks, I've never done anything on this
    scale. The entire project will involve a 4 monitor setup, and 3 of
    them will pretty much continuously display PowerPoint presentations:

    1 - Control monitor that will plug be displayed in the control room.
    This will be used for editing purposes.
    2 - League results monitor. This will show the latest results of
    leagues and tournaments.
    3 - Pool rate monitor. This will display the hourly rates of pool.
    4 - Eight cloned monitors for advertisement. These will go through a
    splitter and are the ones I'm most concerned about. Will the cheaper
    cards have trouble transmitting as well of a signal out to 270 ft?

    So will I really notice a difference between cheaping out on a couple
    128MB video cards, or will it be worth it to spend on the Matrox?

    Thanks for your input!

    , Feb 3, 2006
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