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Mobile rack problem WinXP

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Ken, May 17, 2008.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    I purchased a mobile rack and three interchangeable trays for storing
    data I don't need very often. I installed it first in my Windows 2000
    system and it functions just fine--the disks are recognized when
    inserted and the powered up, and I can interchange them at will without

    I recently built a new system based on Windows XP SP3. I purchased a
    second mobile rack for that unit with the expectation that I could use
    the mobile hdd's in either workstation.

    On the XPstation I have a C: drive active partition, a D: DVD writer, an
    E: partition (on the same drive as the C: drive) and an F: drive on its
    own partition (separate drive). I have 6 SATA connectors on my Intel
    DP35DP mb with the DVD writer on the first, disk 0 on the second, disk 1
    on the third, and the mobile rack on the fourth (as they appear in the BIOS)

    When I insert the tray/drive into the internal mobile rack into the XP
    unit, one of two things happens:
    1. the drive is not recognized
    2. the drive is recognized but my drive letter for my DVD writer is
    reassigned from D: to G: drive.

    I thought it was the cables, but that is not an issue. I thought it was
    the connectors, but those are not the issue. It is not the units, as
    both mobile racks work in the Win2K station without problem. Thinking
    it might be data written to the hdd by Win2K that was causing the
    problem, I reformatted the disks, but that did not help.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there something that needs to be
    changed in the BIOS of the new Intel motherboard?

    Ken K
    Ken, May 17, 2008
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