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Nvidia Control Panel

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Me, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Me

    Me Guest

    I'm just curious what everyone's opinion of it is, of course only if you've
    actually used it.
    I just installed the beta drivers today, and with the exception of the
    Installer acting a little on the ghey side, its going ok so far.

    My list is just what i've observed so far
    Cons: Installer froze on me 1/2 way thru the driver install.
    Then after installing it still wasn't installed and had to install a 3rd
    time to get it to work.

    Pros: App profiles actually seem to work so far, updated game list for them.

    Thats the biggest one for me, After having an ATi for over a year i got used
    to ATi Tray Tools and its app profiles and when i moved back over to nvidia
    i found the one in display
    properties lacking alot.

    I have Atuner which is similar to tray tools but it doesnt afford me the
    option to add a command line argument to its shortcuts.

    I use an Auto-Login command for Battlefield 2, and with Atuner i couldn't.
    NCP lets me use my original Shortcut for the game so i can auto login and
    use different settings without having to change it manually everytime i play
    a different game

    Anyway i'd like to see what other ppl think, and if anyone else has games
    that require different settings

    Me, Jun 3, 2006
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  2. Me

    DRS Guest

    "Me" <> wrote in message
    > I'm just curious what everyone's opinion of it is, of course only if
    > you've actually used it.

    The new control panel takes a little getting used to. I like the way
    functionality is now grouped rather than having everything clumped together.
    But one thing that seems to be missing are the refresh rate overrides. I
    used those with the old control panel.

    There's a definite bug in the program settings section. Although it seems
    to keep the app settings you've configured it doesn't show them properly the
    next time you start the new control panel up. For example, I've configured
    Combat Flight Simulator 3 to run with Image Quality set to Performance and
    with anisotropic filtering set to 8x but if I restart the control panel the
    settings look like they've reverted to the global settings.

    If you have the new Ntune 5 beta that apparently also appears in the new
    control panel. Does anyone know if it's compatible with Force4-SLI or is it
    only for Force5?
    DRS, Jun 6, 2006
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